Boarding Preparation Special Program Overview

This post will include most of the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!


Aeon is a godlike being within the universe that controls Paths. They are currently unplayable, but let’s hope in the future they will be.

1. Nanook

➥ In the opening story, the Antimatter Legion invades the Herta Space Station, causing a series of chaos. These monsters are part of the Antimatter Legion, followers of Nanook, the Aeon of Destruction.

2. Yaoshi

➥ Back in ancient times, the Xianzhou ships sailed the stars to seek the miracle medicine of immortality. Eventually, they also hoped for the blessing of Yaoshi, the Aeon of Abundance.
➥ But the fruit of immortality brought to the Xianzhou people, in addition to granting extreme longevity, also brought unexpected desolation and misery.

3. Lan

➥ Continuation from Yaoshi, only when Lan — the Aeon of The Hunt — cut down the Ambrosial Arbor, was the sin of Abundance on the Xianzhou cut off.
➥ Since then, the Xianzhou has established an alliance under the guidance of The Hunt, and tasked themselves with severing the pollution of immortality.


1. Herta Space Station

➥ It is a space station setting full of futuristic technology. The space station belongs to Madam Herta of the Genius Society.
➥ It was originally built to collect all kinds of Curios, but it is said that there are other secrets hidden within. And under the management and research of Herta’s followers, it has gradually turned into a scientific research base.

2. Belobog

➥ This is a planet covered in ice and snow, The Eternal Freeze wiped out almost all life here. But in this harsh environment, stands humanity’s last bastion against the Eternal Freeze — Belobog.
➥ Belobog is divided into the Overworld and Underworld. The Overworld is in charge of administration and commerce, and life is flourishing and peaceful here.
➥ There are heaters throughout the streets to ward off the cold, and people hanging around the theater entrance, talking about recent shows. And even in this harsh weather, there are even flowers sold as luxury items in the Overworld, what we see is a bustling and thriving place.

➥ The Underworld is a place where resources are scarce, where energy is mined and extracted from the ore called Geomarrow, then exchanged for supplies from the Overworld.
➥ Here, places in ruin are aplenty, corroded pipes are strewn across, and the mined Geomarrow is piled haphazardly on the roadside, with the cable car leading to the Overworld in the distance, long having ceased operations.
➥ Under the blockade ordered by the Supreme Guardian Cocolia, those in the Underworld live in dire straits.

3. Xianzhou Luofu

➥ The Xianzhou Alliance is actually a galactic fleet composed of several Xianzhou ships, and “the Luofu” is one of them.
➥ The Xianzhou Luofu is a Chinese-themed sci-fi world, a fusion of a Chinese-style atmosphere and fantastical futuristic technology. For example, we have starskiffs flying in the sky, cycranes that deliver goods, or the supercomputers conducting divination at the bottom, and so on.

4. Exalting Sanctum

➥ The upcoming version 1.0 features the Exalting Sanctum, one of the most famous tourist attractions on the Xianzhou Luofu, and everyone will get to see it.
➥ Members of the citizenry and merchants gather at the Exalting Sanctum, so tourists can see all kinds of shops showcasing the unique flavor of Xianzhou.


There are no new mechanics introduced in the livestream that is different from the last Beta, so you can skip this if you already experience it or watch a video about it.

1. Battle

➥ While exploring the maps, there are enemies scattered in different locations. Taking them head-on will lead to a battle. Enemies will also automatically attack upon discovering us. If you are attacked by an enemy and enter battle, your character’s action will be delayed.

2. Turn-Based Combat

➥ After entering battle, the two sides take turns to take action. Characters can use their Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate, as well as the automatically triggered Talents to engage in combat with enemies.
➥ Under normal circumstances, when Basic Attacks cause damage, they can regenerate Skill Points for the team.

➥ Using Skills usually requires the consumption of Skill Points, and Skill is also one of the core designs that make the characters unique and stand out. Example: Take Himeko’s Skill for instance, it can deal damage to multiple enemies.
➥ Of course, there are also Skills that do not consume Skill Points, For example, Arlan’s Skill consumes Arlan’s HP in exchange for greater damage.

➥ When a character uses an ability (Normal Attack or Skill) or gets attacked, a certain amount of energy will be obtained.
➥ After accumulating sufficient energy, the character’s Ultimate can be used. In most cases, the Ultimate can be used right away in the current turn.

➥ Before entering battle, and while exploring, we can use a character’s Technique to aid us.
➥ Take Seele’s Technique, for instance, it makes her gain Stealth and become undetectable by enemies. And Welt’s Technique can create a special domain, in which enemies’ Movement Speeds are slowed down.

3. Weakness

➥ You can look at the Weakness Type shown above the enemy, then choose a character with that Type to attack the enemy and enter battle, thus reducing the Toughness of enemies who are weak to that Type, as the battle starts.
➥ When an enemy takes damage that also matches their Weakness Type, their Toughness will be reduced. Once an enemy’s toughness is reduced to zero, it will cause that enemy to be damaged.

4. Action Order

➥ The characters’ actions are determined by their Speed. The faster the Speed, the shorter the interval between their actions.
➥ So, a faster character can take more actions within a given time interval. On the upper left corner of the combat screen is the action bar, with a vertical column of avatars, representing the action order for each character, starting from top to bottom.

Path & Characters

There are no new characters introduced in the livestream that is different from the last Beta, so you can skip this if you already experience it or watch a video about it.

1. Path of the Hunt

➥ Her Talent grants her an extra action after defeating an enemy target. As long as you get the timing right for her Ultimate, continuous attacks can be achieved.
➥ This is also a trait of characters on the Path of The Hunt. They can deal extraordinary single-target damage, which is critical in blitzing enemies.

2. Path of Erudition

➥ For characters on the Path of Erudition, they have exceptional AoE damage. Using their abilities at the right time can turn the tide of battle.
➥ With his Skill or his Ultimate, you can damage multiple enemies. He also has a golden spirit called “Lightning-Lord,” which aids him in battle, also capable of damaging multiple enemies.

3. Path of Destruction

➥ Those who follow the Path of Destruction excel at attacking enemies head-on. They are strong warriors when fighting alone in the battle.
➥ While she might look frail on the surface, any enemies who dare attack her will be met with Mr. Svarog’s formidable Counter attacks.

4. Path of Preservation

➥ Those who follow this Path have powerful defensive capabilities, which can protect allies in many ways.
➥ As a captain of the Silvermane Guards, Gepard is undoubtedly a follower of the Preservation. He is able to draw enemy attacks away from allies, and can create protective Shields for the whole team, building a solid line of defense.

5. Path of Harmony

➥ Path of Harmony can apply buffs to allies, and with the appropriate matching, boost the overall combat effectiveness of the team.
➥ Take Bronya’s Skill for instance, it can dispel debuffs from an ally character, increase the character’s damage, and allow the character to immediately take action, allowing you to be more flexible in combat. Her Ultimate can increase the attack and CRIT damage of her team.

6. Path of Nihility

➥ As opposed to the Harmony, which increases one’s combat power, Path of Nihility can weaken the enemy instead.
➥ Take Welt for example, some of his abilities can Imprison the enemy, slow down the enemy’s actions, reduce the enemy’s speed, so as to gain an advantage in battle.

7. Path of Abundance

➥ For this final Path, the Abundance is all about healer characters which are quite indispensable in a battle of attrition.
➥ Bailu is such a character on the Path of A*nce. Her Skill and Ultimate provide healing to allies, and can also revive allies that are knocked down, allowing them to re-enter battle.

Light Cones

➥ In simpler terms, this is the weapon for characters in Honkai Star Rail. Can be obtained from banners. You can also complete specific missions and events that will give out characters and Light Cones as rewards.

New Character and Cone Banners

1. Stellar Warp

➥ Trailblazers can use Star Rail Passes or Star Rail Special Passes to Warp, letting you obtain characters and Light Cones.
Star Rail Passes can be used for Regular Warps, such as the Stellar Warp and Departure Warp.

2. Event Warp

First Phase

➥ Star Rail Special Passes can be used for time-limited Warps during events. In the first phase of version 1.0, this would refer to the Character Warp and Light Cone Warp, where you can obtain the limited 5-star character, Seele, and the limited 5-star Light Cone, In the Night.

Second Phase

➥ In the second phase of version 1.0, there is another Character Warp and Light Cone Warp, where you can obtain the limited 5-star character, Jing Yuan, and the limited 5-star Light Cone, Before Dawn.

3. Departure Warp

➥ Trailblazers can use their Star Rail Pass, and participate in the Departure Warp. Only 10-Warps are available for the Departure Warp, but there’s a 20% discount on Star Rail Pass for these 10-Warps. And the Departure Warp is available for up to 50 Warps.
➥ Moreover, within these 50 Warps, there’s a guarantee to obtain at least one 5-star character or more. That is to say, if you consume up to 40 Star Rail Passes, you’re guaranteed at least one 5-star character, which will quickly help Trailblazers build the foundation of their team.

Permanent Events

1. Forgotten Halls

➥ The Forgotten Hall contains a series of difficult stages, each limited by “Cycles.” If the battle exceeds the Cycle’s limit, it’s considered a fail. But if the battle is won within the limit, and if the stage is cleared under certain conditions, you can obtain extra rewards.

➥ During certain stages when the Cycle count changes, some special effects can be triggered, bringing a change in the conditions of the battle. If one properly strategizes and makes good use of these mechanisms, all these challenges can be cleared with half the effort.
➥ Forgotten Hall contains two types of stages, “Memory” and “Memory of Chaos.”
1. For Memory stages, they are unlocked gradually as your exploration progresses.
2. Memory of Chaos features stages of even higher difficulty, with contents and rewards updated periodically.
➥ After completing the Special Stage of Forgotten Hall for the first time, you can be rewarded with the 4-star character, Qingque.

2. Simulated Universe

➥ During the test, Trailblazers will obtain Blessings from different Paths, encounter Random Events and special Curios, enhance the team, and step up to face stronger enemies.
➥ Upon clearing specific worlds in Simulated Universe for the first time, you can be rewarded with the 4-star character, Herta.
➥ Furthermore, upon completing Simulated Universe, you can obtain points to redeem rewards, Point Rewards are refreshed weekly.

3. Trailblazing Will

➥ We also have the Trailblazing Will event. As long as Trailblazers hit the required Trailblaze Level, they can head right over to the event page and claim 40 Star Rail Passes and 1600 Stellar Jades. That’s equivalent to a prize of 50 Warps!

4. Pre-Registration Rewards

➥ If the number of pre-registrations and social media followers reach certain targets before the official release date. Among these rewards are the 4-star character, Serval, and a total of 20 Star Rail Passes!

Time-Limited Events

1. Boulder Town Super League

➥ In the upcoming second half of version 1.0, a brand new season of the Boulder Town Super League will kick off. Scott, the Fight Club’s owner has issued an invitation, open to all in Belobog’s Underworld.
➥ Contestants will participate in five tournaments, earning points and improving their rankings, eventually climbing to the top, and winning Scott Business Alliance’s luxurious reward.

➥ Trailblazers can challenge different tournaments, each with its corresponding tournament rewards. After selecting a tournament, the Trailblazer will be matched with an opponent, and the lineup will be drawn at random. Different buffs can be obtained after defeating opponents.
➥ Additionally, we will also open the Time-Limited Event for the Super League. If you complete the “Limited Time Challenge” during the event, you can also get additional rewards.

2. A World Beyond

➥ In version 1.0, Trailblazers need only log in to the game daily, and check in for 7 days, and they will obtain 10 Star Rail Special Passes!

3. All-Stars Invite (Available Now)

➥ During the event, Trailblazers can get Warps by completing relevant missions on this page, allowing them to get their up to 4-star Light Cones, Relics, character EXP, Light Cone EXP, and other game items ahead of time.
➥ In addition, you can DIY your very own Express ticket during the event, get an exclusive seat number that belongs to you alone, and participate in the physical-prize lucky draw event after the official release!

>> Click here to join the event <<


➥ Right now, the developer team is actively working on the production of Honkai: Star Rail for a PlayStation version! So, very soon, Honkai: Star Rail will be made officially available on PlayStation as well!

Release Date

➥ Honkai: Star Rail will be available for pre-installation on April 23, And will be officially released on April 26. All Trailblazers are welcome aboard the Astral Express!