Boulder Town Super League Event Details

■ Time-Limited Event Duration

2023/05/19 10:00:00 – 2023/06/06 03:59:00 (Server Time)

※ This event contains time-limited challenges. Trailblazers who complete them during the event will receive Time-Limited Rewards. After these challenges close, Trailblazers can still challenge the Boulder Town Super League Event to obtain standard first-clear rewards.

■ Event Rewards

Standard Rewards: Stellar Jades, Traveler’s Guides, Condensed Aether, Credits

Time-limited Event Rewards: Stellar Jades, Tracks of Destiny, Traveler’s Guides, Lost Gold Fragments, Refined Aether, Credits

■ Participation Requirement

● Trailblaze Level ≥ 21
● Complete the Adventure Missions Ring and Stage I, Ring and Stage II, and Gladiator

■ Event Details

The Boulder Town Super League is split into the standard event and the time-limited event.

Standard Event: Trailblazer can challenge 5 matches, each containing 4 fights. After Trailblazer chooses to join the match, the enemy lineup will be selected at random and provide different buffs to the Trailblazer upon defeat. Pass the match for the first time to receive standard rewards such as Stellar Jades.

Time-Limited Event: The Super League will also host a time-limited event! During the event, the number of rounds the Trailblazer spends to finish each fight will be recorded. The faster you finish the fight, the more rewards you will get!