Everwinter City Museum Event Details

▌Time-Limited Event Period

2023/06/09 10:00 – 2023/06/26 3:59 (Server time)

※ After the Limited-Time Event concludes, Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities will be moved to Conventional Memoir, where Trailblazers can continue to experience its gameplay.

▌Participation Requirement

Trailblaze Level ≥ 21 and have completed the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — Silent Galaxy”

▌Event Rewards

■ Permanent Rewards

■ Limited-Time Rewards

▌Event Details

● Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities is split into 2 modules: “Museum Management” and “Collection of Exhibits and Assistants.”
● During the limited-time event period, achieve the operational and collection goals to obtain limited-time rewards.

Museum Management

● Once this gameplay is unlocked, the “Opportunity Makes the Thief” Adventure Mission series will become available. Completing “Opportunity Makes the Thief Part 1” will allow players to start managing the museum.
● There are five phases to museum management, and RevitaScore can be obtained there. After achieving the cumulative goals of each phase, players can upgrade to the next phase and unlock new exhibition areas.
Completion of each management phase will result in management phase reward.

Collection of Exhibits and Assistants

● During museum management, Trailblazers will receive additional operational objectives or encounter random events. These objectives and events will provide clues to lost exhibits. Complete these exhibits’ missions to store them in the museum’s collection.
● Guest assistants can be recruited by completing the “Opportunity Makes the Thief” Adventure Mission series or the guide recruitment mission series in random events.
● Trailblazers can receive collection rewards in the Ledger of Curiosities after collecting new exhibits or after guest assistants are recruited.


● After the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event has concluded, Trailblazers will no longer be able to obtain the time-limited event rewards. However, the gameplay can still be accessed and experienced by going to the Belobog History and Culture Museum in the Administrative District.