Honkai.GG Soft Launch

Welcome to the DotGG website for Honkai: Star Rail! We are hoping to become the #1 source for news, guides and information relating to Honkai: Star Rail.

Here’s what’s live now and what’s coming soon:

  • Guides: Got some quality guides coming! We currently have some basics on Light ConePathsTrailblaze ActivitiesElements, and Character Basic Info.
  • Characters: List of characters and their details, filterable. The best part? Each character (except Jing Yuan, Qingque as we haven’t been able to test them properly) has its own guide and early analysis pending changes on the full release!
  • Light Cones: List of Light Cones and their details, filterable
  • Items: List of Items and their details, filterable

There’s a lot of things coming, but wanted to share it now and see what everyone thought of it as we get it ready for the game’s release!