Honkai.gg Update May 6, 2023

Honkai.gg Update – May 6, 2023: New Tier List, Mission Database, and More Guides

It’s been over a week since Honkai: Star Rail’s successful global launch, and with that, Honkai.gg is also coming out with daily updates! Here are some highlights for today:

New Tier List Update

The tier list finally gets an update, with different categories and explanations for the tiers. Keep in mind that no units in Honkai: Star Rail are really bad, and all of them are useful in some way or another. We will be following up with a more detailed update for why these characters are ranked the way they are in the next few days.

SSSAbove 9.5Currently BIS or unbalanced
SSAbove 9Very strong options for most teams
SAbove 8Solid choices that can fit many teams
AAbove 7Good picks you can’t go wrong with
BAbove 6Performs well but can be substituted
C6 or lowerThere are better alternatives

Character Guides

As we update the tier list, we will also be updating builds for each of the characters and how to play them. We’ve updated Dan Heng and Seele so far. More to come!

Mission Database

Missions are now live – we will have more detailed guides on them linked soon, but in the meantime check out our guides if you need any help with specific ones.

Relic Database

We’ve also made an update to the Relic pages, with stat possibilities on each set.

We got more updates to come, so keep an eye out!