Honkai: Star Rail × Prime Gaming Collaboration Event

Hello, Trailblazer,
The Honkai: Star Rail section on Prime Gaming is now officially online. Participating in the event can earn you limited-time rewards such as Stellar Jades, Credits, and Refined Aethers. Come and embark on your space fantasy journey!

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Event Duration:
2023/5/17 – 2023/6/6 23:59 (UTC+8)

How to Join:
● Login to the Honkai: Star Rail’s Prime Gaming section during the event.
● Login to your Amazon Prime account.
● Click/tap on the “Claim” button and obtain Honkai: Star Rail redemption code.
※ This event is only available to Amazon Prime accounts, with a maximum of one claim per Amazon Prime account and one redemption per UID.

Items Included:
● Stellar Jade (60)
● Credit (40,000)
● Refined Aether (5)