Boarding Party

Boarding Party – New Code: 2T7BP4JVEBT7

A new gift code for Honkai: Star Rail has been released! Use Pom-Pom’s Boarding Gift code 2T7BP4JVEBT to obtain the following items:

You can use the code on the Code Redemption portal via your web browser, or directly in-game. Select the server to find your character and it will be sent instantly to the mailbox.

For a full list of Honkai: Star Rail codes, visit our dedicated section.

Later today, 10 Free Star Rail Special Pass will be sent to all players after the Departure Festival – click on the link for more details!

Contribute to the discussion thread to win rewards, such as Express Supply Passes and Stellar Jades!

In this galaxy full of unknowns and surprises, we meet the Trailblazers. Let’s move forward together and witness the magnificent and exciting journey as we create our own stories!

The Crew sincerely invites Trailblazers to participate in the Departure Party posting event, to share with other Trailblazers your expectations for embarking on a galactic adventure: Whether it be the excitement and joy of happy cheers, or the determination to face challenges, we can find support and encouragement from each other here!

Aside from the chance to win an Express Supply Pass, Stellar Jades, and other game merchandise, you will also receive Pom-Pom’s Boarding Gift redemption code.

We wish you a smooth sailing ahead!

■ Event Period

Now – 2023/5/7 23:59 (UTC+8)

■ How to Participate

During the event, reply to this post about your expectations or thoughts regarding the departure of this galactic adventure to be considered a successful entry.

※ Deleting your comments or replying to another comment do not count as a successful entry

■ Event Prizes

● This Time We Will Reach the Stars

Build a thread tall enough to reach the stars, with a Monthly Card to travel the universe!

During the event, 1 random user will be gifted with a Monthly Card for every 20 posts created. A maximum of 2000 Monthly Cards will be given out.

● Fated! It Might Be You

Among the crowd of people, will you be the one to catch the lucky star?

During the event, 1 random user will be gifted with 100 Stellar Jades for every 5 posts made. A maximum of 600,000 Stellar Jades will be given out.

• A Rail Good Time

Trailblazers deserve to be showered with gifts!

All participants have the chance to become one of the 100 lucky Trailblazers who will receive a random character bundle!

● Adventure Can Wait, Thread Comes First!

Conductor Pom-Pom here. What would you do without Pom-Pom’s aupport on this adventure?

Pom-Pom’s Boarding Gift redemption code will be announced once the event thread reaches 1000 posts


※ Pom-Pom’s Boarding Gift contains: Credit ×5000, Adventure Log ×3, Condensed Aether ×2, Cosmic Fried Rice ×3

※ Pom-Pom’s Boarding Gift can only be obtained once in each HoYoverse account. Redemption code expiry date: 2023/5/7 23:59 (UTC+8), please pay attention

※ To redeem the code: Log in to the game -> Open the Phone menu on the top left corner -> Tap/click the “…” button – > Go to Redemption Code -> Enter your Redemption Code -> Done