Starhunt Game Event Details

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$ System: Load [Starhunt Game] module? (Y/N)
> Y
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$ System: Event module is as follows

▌ Event Duration

■Limited-Time Event Duration

After the version 1.1 update – 2023/06/19 03:59(server time)

■Redemption Period

After the version 1.1 update – 2023/06/26 03:59(server time)

■Participation Requirement

Trailblaze Level ≥ 21

▌Event Rewards

■Limited-Time Event Rewards

■Permanent Stage Rewards

▌Event Details

The Starhunt Game event is split into 2 modules: Story Mode and Arcade Challenge.

● In Story Mode, Trailblazers can complete the Companion Mission “Punklorde Mentality” to obtain and activate the corresponding graffiti markers. Collect and analyze all graffiti to obtain the exclusive event Light Cone “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (The Nihility).”

Arcade Challenge has three segments: Hidden Codes, Access Screening, and Sealed Sector. Complete different challenges to obtain Stellar Jades and the event currency “Always Smiling,” which can be used in the event shop “Deep Web Gray Market” to redeem limited-time event rewards.

● During the event, unlocking graffitis will activate Graffiti Mode. Trailblazers can select the “Start graffiti!” button in Story Mode or activate the Camera to switch to Graffiti Mode. Trailblazers can freely shift between graffitis to form fun and interesting pictures. Please note that when more than 8 graffiti are in the area, the first graffiti sprayed will be replaced. Graffiti will also disappear when you leave the current area.


● After the Starhunt Game Limited-Time Event has concluded, the event-exclusive Light Cone “Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (The Nihility)” will no longer be obtainable, and the Graffiti Mode will be disabled.

● After the redemption period ends, the event currency “Always Smiling” will disappear and the event shop will be disabled. Please make sure to participate in the event and redeem your rewards in a timely manner.

● After the Starhunt Game Limited-Time Event has concluded, Trailblazers will no longer be able to obtain the time-limited event rewards. However, the Companion Mission “Punklorde Mentality” and the stage “Sealed Sector” will still be available.