Version 1.1 Nameless Honor Event Details

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Hello, Trailblazers!

During the event, Trailblazers can increase the level of Nameless Honor to obtain rewards such as Star Rail Passes, Self-Modeling Resins, and Tracks of Destiny.

After unlocking Nameless Glory, increasing Nameless Honor level will allow Trailblazers to obtain Stellar Jades, Star Rail Special Passes, a 4-star Light Cone of your choice, Relic Remains, and more!

If the Trailblazer unlocks the Nameless Medal, in addition to the rewards mentioned above, they will also immediately increase their Nameless Honor level by 10 and receive the avatars “March 7th — Welcome,” “Dan Heng — Welcome,” as well as Stellar Jades and Fuels!

▌Event Period

After the version 1.1 update – 2023/07/17 03:59:00(server time)

▌Participation Requirement

Trailblaze Level ≥ 13 and have completed the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge”

▌Event Details

● After unlocking Nameless Honor, Nameless Gift will be unlocked automatically. Trailblazers can obtain EXP and increase Nameless Honor levels via Today’s Missions, This Week’s Missions, and This Period’s Missions. Reach certain levels to obtain Star Rail Passes, Self-Modeling Resins, and Tracks of Destiny, and other rewards.

● Today’s Missions will reset daily at 04:00 (server time), This Week’s Missions will reset every Monday at 04:00 (server time).

● Trailblazers with unlocked Nameless Glory can purchase Honor Badge to upgrade to Nameless Medal.

▌Things to Note

● During this event, EXP will not be awarded through missions after reaching the level cap.

● In the event of special circumstances leading to the repeated purchase of Nameless Glory or Nameless Medal, Nameless EXP will not be accumulated, and Oneiric Shards ×750 or Oneiric Shards ×1410 will be refunded depending on the price of the purchase.

● In the event of special circumstances leading to the repeated purchase of the Honor Badge, Oneiric Shards ×860 will be refunded.

● 2023/07/17 02:59:00 (server time) The purchase of Nameless Glory, Nameless Medal, and Honor Badge will be closed for this period. After the purchase is closed, Trailblazers can still complete the Nameless Honor missions and receive rewards. Please note the available purchase time and event duration.