Written by: ExtremeHippo (452500907516)

Riki is an electric element ninja, with extremely high health and health regen. That, while hard to use in early game is very strong in late game

Ultimate & Perks/Talents

Riki’s Ultimate creates a large orb of lightning that floats in front of riki and grows bigger until it’s released, moving forward before exploding to do big damage 

Rikis Ultimate is his main source of damage and missing it can lead to a severe lack of damage so getting skilled at hitting it is important. Try to memorize boss patterns for the perfect spots to release. Bosses can also easily dodge riki’s ultimate by moving behind him so be aware of those phases 

A perk obtained at level 40 allows you to release the orb at any time by pressing the ultimate button a second time. 

The size of rikis ultimate can be increased at levels 60 and 80 by 15% each time. Making bosses much easier to hit 

The talent Fury of Lightning unlocked at level 100 causes Riki to spray lightning bolts randomly every 500 damage Riki takes.


Relics are one of the most important parts of riki and can make or break your riki. The recommended relics to use are as follows: 


Super Charger & Electromagnetic Shoes can be swapped and personalized with Mighty Iron Helmet & Wine masters gourd to the user’s preference


Mighty Iron helmet when equipped causes the talent Fury of lightning to shoot the lightning forward instead of randomly 

The Thunderlord set is the main way riki can gain damage and is essential to riki being able to even scratch the lower tiers of bosses. You should always have this set no matter what 

If your riki has the second perk unlocking a 5th Relic slot the two relics that are the recommended relics for that slot are:

Master Mystique allows riki to gain a huge starting boost to his Ultimate very useful with bosses if you just need that extra boost to do more damage 

Or alternatively:

Thunder Dragon Sheath allows your skills to regenerate faster and is very useful in race mode shortening the time between your skill uses.


Riki has some great weapons to choose from they are as follows:

Lightning Blessed - Kirin allows the user to hit enemies no matter where they are and is one of the few weapons that can hit behind riki it has a very low cooldown and is very useful again bosses like shadowblood

Lightning Swirl blade is a very balanced weapon that has a almost perfect defense and can do decent damage very useful in race mode and bounties but with a longer cooldown

IPhonyXXX is a very good weapon for race mode or even as a sub weapon for any ninja! giving you almost 4 seconds of freedom and can save you from even the toughest spots… except pits

All are good choices and are up to your preference (and luck) on witch you use

Thank you for reading this guide! I hope you learned something new about Riki!