Written by: ExtremeHippo (452500907516) & 怡西 (260402491123).

Souga is a wind element Ninja with very balanced and versatile abilities. Souga is capable of devastatingly large damage in certain special circumstances. Souga also has the passive ability to triple jump, making him very simple to use and understand.


The best relics to use with souga are as follows: 


Pale memories can also be swapped for Eagle Claw Boots for better survivability

The tengun set is a must have and is very useful for dealing damage. Giving +200 damage against bosses above 50% health allowing Souga to shred anything standing (or floating) in his way.

Wind Shuriken + Ring is nice to have until you get the Tengu Set but can also be replace with, Thunder Dragon Horn (weapon skill cooldown) + Master Mystique (start with some ninjutsu charge). 5th slot can be for anything you need. Souga is really flexible with builds to suit what you need.

Ultimate & Talents

Souga’s ultimate summons a large spinning blade on a chain that can be sent out and returned. A perk is unlocked at level 100 that allows the shuriken to home onto enemies if the ultimate button is held down.

Sougas ultimate can be used to protect himself from all damage by retracting the shuriken or do lots of damage by sending it out. Protecting himself is normally only useful in race mode.

The trait Sougas wraith Is Souga’s main damage source

Due to this talent Souga can Gain up to 600 extra attack. to preserve Wraith of Souga, the relic, Specter Steel Trap can be used to gain lower regen.

Disclaimer: Specter Steel Trap is not recommended to use without 5 relic slots


The three weapons to use are as follows:

Flute of Hymn is great for keeping yourself alive while at 30% health.

Kaimatchi fan can do big damage but is easy to miss and is not very defensive

Ghost tear muramasa can clear the area in front of you and is really easy to hit

Personally I believe Ghost Tear Muramasa seems the best due to high damage and clearing your path.