3-Star Pass Story Mode

➥ Now, if you have experience playing lots of Action games before, you must have realized they have story stages that will give you stars after completing certain requirements, and Ninja Must Die is no different.

➥ Each Story Quest has different requirements to get full stars, but the first one is always the same: clear the stage. For the 2nd and 3rd stars, it varies from getting a certain score, taking damage less than X times, collecting XX coins, defeating XX enemies, and so on. 

➥ That’s why before starting the stage, you need to read the requirements so you know which actions you need to do while in battle.

➥ In each Chapter, there will be boxes of rewards on the bottom right. By collecting stars from the Story Stages, you can unlock those boxes that give out Jades as rewards!

➥ Obtaining a certain number of stars in Story Stage is also in the Main Quests that give out both Jades and Rank EXP (To increase your Ninja Rank). So if you have free time, why not revisit old stages and try to complete the stages that didn’t have full stars yet~