Arena 3V3 ‘Ablaze Cave’ Elite Map


➥ Each route in the Arena 3V3 match has several branch points. There are various routes, such as a route that allows you to reach the goal quickly and a route that collects a lot of Goldfish Coin, so it will greatly affect the outcome of the match.

➥ During the match, the arrows that appear on the stage only show relatively safe routes. However, simply following the arrows is not the optimal route for collecting a lot of fish coins or for reaching the goal quickly.

➥ Remember that there are 2 types of Goldfish Coins that can be collected. The first one is the normal Goldfish Coin where picking up 1 of them will give you 1 Goldfish Coin. However, if you get all the Goldfish Coins in one row, it will be doubled!
Example: A row of Goldfish Coins have a total of 10 Goldfish. If you manage to get all of them, it will be doubled and you can get a total of 20 Goldfish Coins.
Important: Some maps may have some consecutive rows of Goldfish Coins that are given a bonus, and some are not. For the sake of fairness, I will not double the coins here since it's not easy to get all the coins.

➥ The other one is the skull balloon that is floating in the arena. By picking up one of those balloons, you can get 20 Goldfish Coins!

➥ On a rare chance, you might encounter Thief Imps on some maps. Not only those little gremlins dropped a random number of Goldfish Coins, but you can also get another 5 coins after killing them. When you see them, try to chase all of them so you can get extra Goldfish Coins.

➥ Don't forget that killing enemies (that can be killed) will also provide you with Goldfish Coins. Using a quick dash is really beneficial here because you can unalive the opponent while also sprinting faster to reach the destination.

➥ One last reminder, while the guide mentioned the possible total number of Goldfish Coins in certain routes, don't forget that there will be a (big) gap between the total amount of coins and the total amount players can get (you have to be impossibly skilled to get the exact amount of Goldfish Coins mentioned). Once again, this guide does not mention the total amount of Goldfish Coins in one stage, just a certain amount of coins in certain routes.


〚 Fork 1 〛

➥ For the first half route, there will be 1 fork right from the start. Route 1 is for those who want to reach the destination faster, but this will result in a lack of Goldfish Coins. Route 2 is more recommended for those who want to collect Goldfish Coins, but it will significantly slow you down because you can't dash on the tightrope.

『 Route 1 』

Route 1 is full of spikes and obstacles (The route above).

➥ If you pass Route 1 perfectly, you can collect about 180 Goldfish Coins which is little compared to Route 2, but you will reach the destination much faster because of the acceleration portal. Even if you focus on speeding through this route, you can get about 70~100 Goldfish Coins and 1 Card.

『 Route 2 』

Route 2 has an easier path but you can't use a quick dash (The route below).

➥ For Route 2, you can collect about 220 Goldfish Coins. Unfortunately, the huge number of coins comes with the price of you being slow to reach the destination because of the tightropes. On the bright side, the spikes are easy to avoid.


〚 Fork 1 〛

➥ Entering the second half of the arena, there are 2 routes you can choose from. In Route 1, there will be another branch but that's a breakdown for later. Remember that this one can't be quickly dashed because you're on top of the foothold so you might reach the destination late. The good thing is there are a lot of Goldfish Coins here.

〚 Fork 2 〛

➥ I mentioned just now that there is another fork in Route 1, and it's separated with the use of the acceleration portal. In other words, there will be 3 routes in the second half:
Route 1: The top path
Route 2: The bottom path
Route 3: The middle path

『 Route 1 』

Route 1 requires a lot of perfect timing to get many Coins and not fall.

➥ If you go to Route 1, then continue to climb the top path using the acceleration portal, you can get about 278 Goldfish Coins if you clear the route perfectly (Extremely hard, if you're not experienced enough and time the movement wisely, you will fall to Route 2 or 3). This route is much faster to reach the destination than Route 3 because there will be a lot of acceleration portals you can use to speed through the path.

『 Route 3 』

Route 3 is much easier but you won't gain many Coins.

➥ In Route 3, you need to jump on narrow footholds perfectly or you will fall to Route 2. The number of Goldfish Coins in this part is also little with a meager 120 Goldfish Coins. But you will get 1 card if you manage to stay on this route till the end.

『 Route 2 』

Route 2 is the safest route to go and you can also use the quick dash.

➥ In Route 2, one important item that greatly improves your chance of success is the magnet orb between the cliff. By collecting this item, you can automatically absorb the nearest Goldfish Coins near your vicinity for a short time. But be careful because as mentioned before, it is between two cliffs so you can miss it if you rush, or even fall to death in the pit. This route is also much faster than Route 3 because you can use quick dash safely on the ground.


➥ Thank you to NMD Guide for the thorough map for the Ablaze Caze Elite Map. You can check out the video above for the full layout of the said arena (except Route 2 in the second half because it got cut off).