What is a Clan?

➥ A Clan is a virtual in-game group created by the players themselves. You can complete clan quests with your clanmates to enhance your relationship. Participating in clan activities is a great way to make friends and work as a team, which can also help you find the fun of the game.

How to join a Clan?

➥ You can join the Clan through the 'Clan' from the main menu. You are free to choose the Clan you like, or invite your friends to create your own clan.

Clan Shop

➥ The Clan Shop is one of the benefits of the Clan and can be used to purchase Relics, Relics Recipes, and some other rare Tokens by consuming Clan Coins.

➥ How to get Clan Coins? You have 2 options here, which are entering the Clan Lottery or participating in Clan Boss Battle to earn those Clan Coins as rewards.

Clan Lottery

➥ The name explains everything. You can participate in Clan Lottery to get Clan Coins and also provide 20 Clan Contributions. The rewards are divided into 3 tiers, and you can get the following rewards based on your lucks:
1st Tier: Clan Coins x40 and 1 Silver Key
2nd Tier: Clan Coins x40
3rd Tier: Clan Coins x20

➥ There will be a free daily lottery and will be refreshed after the daily reset. But if you want to try more but don't want to wait, you can buy more opportunities by using Jade (limited currency), which is not very recommended as you better keep those Jades for Wishing only.

Clan Boss

1) Bosses Detail

➥ Clan Bosses have 5 difficulties. Players can challenge them level by level if they meet the summoning requirements.

Difficulty LevelSummoning ConditionTeam
NormalDirect Summon3-5 players
EliteDirect Summon3-5 players
HardThe Clan defeated a total of 30 Clan Bosses5 players
DangerousUpgrade Clan Level to Level 45 players
FatalUpgrade Clan Level to Level 55 players

2) Reward Related

➥ Defeat Bosses of each difficulty for the first time in a week to obtain the corresponding rewards. Every time a Clan Boss is defeated, all Members of the team will get 20 Clan Coins and random items as a reward. Each player may claim 10 times a week.

➥ When a Fatal Boss is defeated for the first time in a week, all Clan Members will get an extra reward.

➥ The Top 10 Clan on the Weekly League Clan Boss Leaderboard may obtain the corresponding Boss Clan Crest. Boss Challenge Progress and Reward Restriction reset at 15:00 every Sunday.

➥ The result of the teams that challenge higher difficulties will be given priority to be taken into the Clan Boss leaderboard. If the difficulty is the same, the team that costs less time will be chosen.

➥ The team ranked 1st in the Conference will receive a corresponding Avatar reward when challenging the Fatal difficulty.

Clan Clash

1) Participation Rules

➥ Ninjas from a Level 2 Clan or above with their Ninja Rank reaching Elite III can sign up in the Clan Clash Hall.

➥ Clan Clash is available when there are at least 15 members sign up. The sign-up time and start time vary by division.

➥ There will be a Clan Clash available each Saturday and Sunday respectively. 3 weeks after the opening of Clan Clash, Clans will be ranked by Division based on Clan Clash Season Points.

2) Match Rules - Points Race

➥ Ninjas with at least 200 Clan Contribution can sign up for Clan Clash. New members need to wait 24 hours before they can join a Clan Clash.

➥ There are 6 types of Clan Clash battles:
1. Vanguard Battle: 3v3 battles
2. Lieutenant Battle: 3v3 battles
3. General Battle: 3v3 battles
4. Team Battle: For the whole Clan
5. Ace Battle: 1v1 battles
6. Final Battle
: 1v1 battles

➥ In addition to Team Battles, each players can only participate in one battle. Clans that achieve victory on the battlefield will earn Battlefield Points, which will be converted into Season Points at the end of the Clan Clash.

➥ After the end of Clan Clash, the Clan with more Battlefield Points will be the winner and obtain 10 extra Season Points.

3) Reward Rules

➥ All qualified players on the winning side of the battle will be able to claim random rewards. Players who participate in the battle will be able to obtain Clan Contribution.

➥ After a whole Clan Clash is completed, players who are qualified to participate in the battle will be able to claim Victory Rewards or Participation Rewards.

➥ The winning side of Clan Clash may obtain a Victory Reward which includes Clan Coins. The losing side of Clan Clash may obtain Participation Award which includes Clain Coins too.

➥ You may obtain random items when claiming 'Victory Rewards' and 'Participation Awards.' The Clan Clash Reward Claim panel will close at Saturday 23:59 on Saturday, make sure to claim your rewards in time.