No Damage Story Mode

➥ In Story Mode, there is a small Ninja icon for clearing race mode with no damage just beside the stars. How to obtain it? It’s straight to the point, complete the stage without taking any damage from the enemies, bamboo spikes, creatures like bats, and every other thing that can reduce your Ninja’s health. Even if you didn’t get full stars, you can still get the No Damage badge!

➥ At first, of course, it’s quite easy. But in the later story stages of the game, the mobs will come at you at a faster pace, and the boss will attack you regularly and have unpredictable skill sets. In this case, having a weapon that can summon a shield is extremely valuable and will help you in the long run.

➥ Another option is by equipping Relics which can reduce your weapon skill cooldown by some percentage. This way, you can charge your weapon faster and time it cautiously in the stage to destroy the upcoming enemies or arrows. Of course, when your weapon is in cooldown, the only option you have is to avoid any incoming threat which requires a lot of skill and luck.

➥ If you accumulate lots of No Damage badges from Story Quests, you may unlock various achievements that will give out Jades.