Daily Quest

➥ As the name suggests, Daily Quest is a task that will be given to you every day, and upon completion, will reward you with Rank EXP. You can check the current Daily Quest from the Ninja Rank below your username, or the box beside it (but this one only appears whenever you completed one of the Daily Quests).

➥ Daily Quests will give you Rank EXP to upgrade your Ninja Rank. As the name suggests, these quests will be refreshed daily according to each server. Each quest will give you 10 Rank EXP, and you must claim it manually from the Ninja Rank menu. 

➥ If you didn’t claim it until the refresh happens, the quests will be refreshed alongside the unclaimed Rank EXP. The quests you will get may differs every day, but here are the most often recurring ones:
1. Daily Login (+10 Rank EXP)
2. Defeat 3 Bounty Bosses (+10 Rank EXP)
3. Summons Patrols 2 times (+10 Rank EXP)

➥ For Daily Quests, you can double the EXP you gain by buying the Dragon Contract. Yes, buy. It is a P2W (Pay-to-win) option. Of course, you don’t have to buy it and still get enough Rank EXP in early games to upgrade your Ninja Rank swiftly.

➥ In my personal experience, you can reach Eminent Ninja in just two days by completing Daily Quests, Main Quests, and Challenge Quests.

Daily Login

➥ Here’s a simple explanation for each Daily Quest. First of all, for Daily Login, you simply need to open the game until you enter the main screen. Then, you will complete the quest.


➥ For Bounty, this gameplay mode can only be unlocked after you enter the Senior Ninja rank. You can get one free bounty per day from the Bounty Shop. This task will also be completed if you completed the bounty by participating in other players’ Bounty from Chat. The enemies’ Rank (D/C/B/A/S/SS) does not matter.

Summons Patrol

➥ The last quest is Summons Patrol 2 times, and you can complete it from the Summons button above Ninja. This mode is unlocked after you completed the main tutorial where you make a contract with Black Dragon.

➥ You can Patrol 2 times per day, and each Patrol will last for 2 hours. After completing the Patrol, you will get EXP to upgrade that specific beast. For example, if you send Black Dragon to Patrol and it comes back, the Thunder Dragon will gain EXP and will be leveled up automatically based on the accumulative EXP.

➥ Carrying food can obtain extra EXP for each patrol, especially if your Summons like the food. A maximum of 3 food can be carried for each patrol. Here is the favorite food for each summon:
1. Black Dragon: Mutton
2. Sky Hawk: Crispy Fried Fish
3. Thunder Dragon: Steak