Friends Feature

➥ The friend feature is an important one in Ninja Must Die because it will give you Riceballs. This mode is not locked by any Ninja Rank but you must at least complete the beginner tutorial when you first start the game to unlock this feature.

➥ When you first start the game, obviously you will have no friends. So go to the 'Add Friends' and click on the + button to send a friend request to anyone in the list. It doesn't really matter if you know them or not, you're still recommended to fill your Friend List as much as you can to get more Riceballs daily.

➥ Keep a max Friend List because this will help your chances of getting the 15 Riceball limits every day. Also, more Friends means more potential invites to a Bounty which can help with getting all the daily rewards.

➥ Tap on the Red Heart to see your Friendship with your friend under the 'Friend List.' You can obtain up to 50 Friendship points for each friend per day. You can increase Friendships by teaming up or gifting Riceballs.

➥ The most efficient way to do this is to send each other Rice Balls, then watch each other's replays from Story Mode and get the remaining Friendship by doing Bounties/PVP/Clan Bosses together.
Rice Balls: +3 Friendship each (+6 total)
Replays: +1 Friendship each (+4 max)
Bounties/Clan Bosses/Arena: +2 Friendship each match (+88 max). Who owns the Bounty does not matter. As long as two friends did the same Bounty together, they will get the Frienship point.

➥ Now is for the Riceball! You can exchange Riceballs with your friend from the Claim Riceball in the top right corner. When gifting Rice Balls daily, it's recommended to sort your Friend List by the highest Friendship to the lowest and gift to those already at a high score so you build up Friendships quickly (You can do so by tapping on the Friendship just beside the Claim Riceball). There are Rank Up Quests for 100, 300, and 500 Friendships with 3 people.

➥ Aside from getting Riceball from Friends, it will also regenerate slowly (1 Riceball every 20 minutes). However, it has a maximum of 30 Riceballs and will stop regenerating after that. So use your Rice Balls as soon as you get them. You can spend Riceballs on Ninja Trials yields Element Stones, Coins, and Weapon Hammers (This game mode is really important because it gives a lot of materials).