Newbie Benefits

➥ As a new player in Ninja Must Die, you can get two exclusive benefits, and you can check them from the 'Novice' and 'Starter' from the Main Menu.

➥ For the Novice Rewards, it will only be available for 15 days after you start playing Ninja Must Die (Except Ninja Rank Pack). Meanwhile, the Starter pack is available for 9 days after you start playing. Keep in mind of those durations so you won't miss them out!


➥ The first Novice Reward is Greetings, and you simply need to log in for 7 days to claim the rewards! This event will stay in the game for 15 days after you start playing Ninja Must Die. The rewards are:
Day 1 - Gold Key x1
Day 2 - Gold Key x2
Day 3 - Yoru x1
Day 4 - Fate Amulet x1
Day 5 - Fate Amulet x2
Day 6 - Gold Key x1
Day 7 - Fate Amulet x3

➥ The items may sound unfamiliar to new players, so here's a simple explanation for those rewards. Gold Key is a currency that can be used to wish on Gold Vault (Weapon). On the other hand, the Fate Amulet is also a limited currency but for the Shrine of Fate (Ninja).

➥ Lastly is Yoru, she is a Support Ninja. Support Ninjas cannot be directly deployed for battle, but are able to provide attribute bonuses for Combat Ninjas.


➥ The second Novice Reward is Quests, and similar to Greetings, you need to wait for 7-day login to unlock all the quests and get the exclusive Legendary Weapon. Keep in mind that you need to reach the Ninja Rank 'Junior Ninja' to unlock this Quest section.

➥ After unlocking the quests (There are 8 quests per day), you can claim the rewards after completing those quests daily during the event duration.

➥ You will obtain some Badges by completing each quest and you may claim Progress Rewards (At the bottom) once you have accumulated enough Badges.

➥ As mentioned before, this will only be available after Junior Ninja Rank and last for 15 days. These Quests and rewards will disappear after 15 days, so take your time but also be sure to claim the prizes so you won't miss the Legendary Weapon.
*Please note the Legendary Weapon you received will be random.

Ninja Rank Pack

Ninja Pack has the shortest duration among other sections in Novice Reward, with only 7 days. By using real currency, you can buy the Ninja Pack and get the following rewards:
1) Jade x200
2) Gold Key x3
3) Coin x30000
4) Avatar: Pandada

Starter Pack

➥ Starter Pack is different from the Novice rewards above but still only available for new players. By using real currency, you can buy the Starter Pack and get the following rewards:
1) Fire Bansho (Legendary Weapon)
2) Fire Hammer x20
3) Coin x50000

➥ Again, this Starter Pack will only be available for 9 days so count the days and make sure to decide whether you want it or not before it ends.