Ninja Rank Promotion

➥ In Ninja Must Die, the ‘level’ that ties to you is the Ninja Rank. You can check your Ninja Rank on the top left corner of the main screen under your nickname.

➥ Your current Ninja Rank is inside the circle on the left side. There are various taks you can complete to increase your Ninja Rank, and all of those tasks can be seen on the right side.
1. Daily Quests: Tasks that will be refreshed daily. You can further gain more EXP by buying Dragon Contract that can double the EXP (Only for Daily Quests).
2. Main Quests: Completing Story Quest, participating in Arena battles, reaching certain scores in Race Mode, etc.
3. Challenge Quests: Similar to main quests but even challenging, such as clearing Story Quest without taking any damage, defeating a certain rank boss in Bounty, and others.

➥ By clicking on the Preview in the top right corner, you can see where your current Ninja Rank position is. When you reach a certain Rank, you can further unlock more features in Ninja Must Die such as new gameplay modes, story chapters, bounty, ninja trials, and more!

Ninja Rank PreviewUnlock
RookieNew features available: Ninja, Wish and Weapon
Unlock Story Chapter 1
Junior NinjaRace Mode
Unlock Story Chapter 2
Junior Ninja (1-Star)-
Junior Ninja (2-Star)-
Senior NinjaUnlock Bounty
Unlock Story Chapter 3
Senior Ninja (1-Star)Unlock Ninja Trials
Senior Ninja (2-Star)Unlock Clan
Senior Ninja (3-Star)Unlock Story Chapter 4
Elite Ninja-
Elite Ninja (1-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 1
Elite Ninja (2-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 2
Elite Ninja (3-Star)Unlock 3V3
Eminent NinjaUnlock Story Chapter 5
Can spend Jades to revive the Starter Ninja
Eminent Ninja (1-Star)Gale Mode
Eminent Ninja (2-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 3
The number of Relays increased to 2
Eminent Ninja (3-Star)-
Super NinjaUnlock Ninja Team management
Unlock Story Chapter 6
Super Ninja (1-Star)Gale Bow adds the Stage Skipping Charm item
Super Ninja (2-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 4
Super Ninja (3-Star)Unlock Story Chapter 7
Shadow NinjaUnlock Elite Stage Chapter 5
Shadow Ninja (1-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 6
Shadow Ninja (2-Star)-
Shadow Ninja (3-Star)Unlock Elite Stage Chapter 7
Shadow Ninja (4-Star)-
Shadow Ninja (5-Star)-