Ninja Team

➥ Creating a Ninja Team is the pinnacle priority you need to pay attention to before entering any battles. You can check your 'Team' from the button in the main menu.

➥ As a new player, you will face a simple interface such as the above. There is only a four-slot to input your Ninjas, Team Skill to showcase what each Ninja's team skill is, and Suggested Team that will help you sort your team with characters available in your account.

➥ However, once you reach Ninja Rank Super Ninja, you will unlock Ninja Team Management with easier options to Save/Load/Quick Setup. These new additions are extremely helpful to save your team and load it up instantly.

➥ Now for the team, only up to 4 Ninjas can be deployed in a Ninja Team. A Ninja Team may only have up to 2 Support Ninjas. On the other side of the coin, you can fill the Ninja Team with 4 Combat Ninjas if you want.
For example: 4 Combat Ninjas / 2 Combat Ninjas + 2 Support Ninjas / 3 Combat Ninjas + 1 Support Ninja.

➥ Only the Combat Ninjas in the team can be selected as Relay Ninjas (When the starter Combat Ninja is down you can only select another Combat Ninja to continue the battle, Support Ninja is not allowed).

➥ The Ninja set as Starter will be the first one to battle. A Support Ninja can't be set as Starter.

➥ For the Save and Load system, you can only do so for a maximum of 5 teams.

➥ Meanwhile, Quick Setup is a system to save your Combat Ninja's (The ones in the team only) Equipment and Relic. No more choosing a specific character before you need to pick their items one by one. Obviously, Support Ninja can't use this setup because they don't need any Weapon or Relics.