Ninja Trials

➥ Ninja will receive training here. Defeating strong enemies will reward you with supplies from the Ninja Headquarters. Click on the Ninja Trials on the main menu that will be unlocked only after you reach Senior Ninja (1-Star).

➥ You can choose to skip the trial and obtain the supplies immediately if you prove your abilities by defeating strong enemies within a given time frame.

Basic Information

➥ There are a total of 50 stages in Ninja Trials, and all of them give abundance of rewards for the first win. Once you successfully defeat the enemy in any trial, you will unlock Quick Finish; where you can use Riceball to complete the challenge instantly and get the rewards.

➥ However, remember that once you get the rewads for the first win, the rewards wll be reduced to the default one. For example, if you complete the Shikigami Black Lv. 25 trial, you will get Fire Stone, Jades, Advanced Sledgehammer, and Riceball. But after that, you will get Fire Stone only.

➥ For easier navigation, you can also tap on the 'Stage List' to view all the stages in one frame. Then, you can Quick Finish any stages you want instantly from there using Riceballs you have. The stages can also be sorted by the type of rewards you will receive: Coins, Iron Hammer, and respective Stones.

➥ In any Ninja Trial, you need to defeat the enemy within the time limit. Of course, you can optimize your Ninja, Team, Weapon, and others before starting the challenge to maximize your chance of winning! Don't forget to look at the enemies' level first before challenging to make sure your Ninja is ready for the battle.

All Ninja Trials

➥ Here are all the stages and the enemy you will face in the Ninja Trials with their respective levels. In the game, it will only show half (or fewer) stages at first, and you can only see the advanced stages after you completed the previous ones.

Ninja TrialsEnemy
Stage 1Big Bat (Lv. 5)
Stage 2Red Face (Lv. 10)
Stage 3Samurai Vanguard (Lv. 15)
Stage 4Big Bat (Lv. 20)
Stage 5Shikigami - Black (Lv. 25)
Stage 6Green Face (Lv. 30)
Stage 7Black Wings (Lv. 30)
Stage 8Scout Mk I (Lv. 30)
Stage 9Black Wings (Lv. 40)
Stage 10Red Face (Lv. 40)
Stage 11Samurai Vanguard (Lv. 40)
Stage 12Thunder Dragon (Lv. 40)
Stage 13Scout Mk I (Lv. 40)
Stage 14Green Face (Lv. 40)
Stage 15Flame Sword Guardian (Lv. 50)
Stage 16Red Face (Lv. 50)
Stage 17Giant Bat (Lv. 50)
Stage 18Vicious Green Face (Lv. 50)
Stage 19Skirmisher Mk II (Lv. 50)
Stage 20Samurai General (Lv. 50)
Stage 21Crimson Flame Sword (Lv. 50)
Stage 22Lightning Winds (Lv. 50)
Stage 23Black Wings (Lv. 60)
Stage 24Skirmisher Mk II (Lv. 60)
Stage 25Vicious Green Face (Lv. 60)
Stage 26Purple Face (Lv. 60)
Stage 27Annihilator Mk II (Lv. 60)
Stage 28Blue Flame Sword (Lv. 60)
Stage 29Lightning Calamity Dragon (Lv. 70)
Stage 30Crimson Flame Sword (Lv. 70)
Stage 31Scarred Bat (Lv. 70)
Stage 32Flameweave Black Dragon (Lv. 70)
Stage 33Annihilator Mk II (Lv. 70)
Stage 34Samurai General (Lv. 70)
Stage 35White Face (Lv. 70)
Stage 36Shadowblood (Lv. 70)
Stage 37Slayer Mk X (Lv. 80)
Stage 38Green Flame Sword (Lv. 80)
Stage 39Armored Dragon Lord (Lv. 80)
Stage 40White Face (Lv. 80)
Stage 41Lightning Calamity Dragon (Lv. 80)
Stage 42Shikigami - Inferno (Lv. 80)
Stage 43Lightning Calamity Dragon (Lv. 90)
Stage 44Shikigami - Curse (Lv. 90)
Stage 45Purple Face Lord (Lv. 100)
Stage 46Shikigami - Inferno (Lv. 100)
Stage 47Furious Shadowblood (Lv. 100)
Stage 48Blood Bat Lord (Lv. 105)
Stage 49Slayer Mk X (Lv. 105)
Stage 50Shadow of Hayashiro (Lv. 105)