Race Mode

➥ Race Mode is a game mode where you participate in a PVP battle with other Ninjas in the same tier. With the Ninja Team you create, you need to pass through obstacles and defeat bosses to gain more points. The higher points you have, the higher rank you will receive after ending the challenge.

➥ You can participate in the Race Mode from the Main Menu after you reach Junior Ninja Rank.

What are the differences between Classic mode and Gale mode in Arena?

Classic Mode: A standard mode starts with a base speed and gradually increases in difficulty.
Gale Mode: More speed, more bonuses, more challenges, more excitement! Gale mode will bring a brand new experience for you! The Gale mode will open once you become an Elite Ninja Rank.

Start Game

➥ Before you start the challenge, you can configure your Ninja's equipment, relics, and teams. In addition, there is also Preparation (on the right) where you can use Coins or Jades to purchase items that will help you in the long run.
1. Random Blessing: Gain one random buff.
2. Opening Sprint (Classic Mode only): Start with a dash on the Summon for 1 Stage in Classic Mode.
3. Substitution Scroll: Resist fatal DMG once.
4. Summoning Orb: Call Summons in Boss Battles.
5. Resurrection Puppet: A magic marionette that can prevent Ninja's death for once.

➥ Once you start the challenges, your mission here is to survive as long as possible to rack up points. In addition, try to avoid or destroy obstacles to make sure your Ninja is safe from threats. If you choose the Classic Mode, you will start with a slow running pace before gradually getting faster.

➥ There will be many instances where you will be summoning your dragon using the Horn (if you manage to catch it during the run). This is a massive lifesaver as your Ninja can restore their health when riding the Ninja, and you can also get more points the more damage your dragon soaked up.

➥ Bosses will also appear quite frequently for you to defeat them and gain extra rewards (Chests). Keep in mind that there is a timer on top of their HP bar and you must defeat the bosses before the time limit or you won't receive the extra rewards. But even if you didn't manage to kill them, it won't affect your final score except for the rewards.

➥ After your Ninja has finally fallen (0 HP), the Race Mode will end, and the final cumulative rewards will decide whether your rank will stay the same or increase and surpass other Ninjas in the same tier. The treasure chests you picked up after you defeat various bosses in the challenge earlier will also be given to you now.

Neko Shop

➥ Neko Coins Reward will be issued according to your ranking. The higher the ranking, the more Neko Coins you can obtain. You can use those Coins in the Neko Shop to get random rewards such as Relic, Stone, Avatar, and more.

➥ Choose the 'Tap to view what Relics the Fortune Cat has' to view the Prize Pool that MeowMeow Gacha has. By drawing the MeowMeow Gacha, Miss Neko will give out a few rewards as thanks (as you can see from the box at the bottom).