Relics, Recipes, and Dismantle

➥ Relic is another item that can increase the overall stats of your Ninja. You can equip them to your Ninja by opening the Relic icon in the main menu.

How to obtain Relics & Relic Shattered Recipes

➥ To get Relics and Shattered Recipes as fast as possible, you need to do Bounty every day from the main menu. You can get a free bounty per day, and once you've done that, you can join other people's bounty from the Chat channel. You are guaranteed to get at least one Relic per Bounty.

➥ There is a limit on how many Bounty you can do per day (obtaining the rewards), and you can check it from Bounty > Member Reward Limits. Try to complete all the Bounty lists to get various Relics regardless of their ranks.

➥ Look at the Bounty page to see what rewards (Relics & Recipes) you can obtain for different ranks of bosses.

How to get Recipes

➥ Once you gave enough Relic Shattered Recipes (which will take a long time), you can buy Recipes from the Recipe Shop. Relic Shop can be accessed from Relic > Craft > Recipe Shop.

➥ You can also buy Recipes by using Dragon's Blood and Jades from the Shop > Special. It will reset every Sunday at 15:00.

➥ Another option is from the Clan Shop. Once the Clan system is unlocked after you reach Senior Ninja (2-Star), try to be in any Clan that caught your attention.

➥ After you enter a Clan, you can do a free daily draw of the Clan Lottery which gives you Clan Coins. This is a currency that you can buy many useful items with, such as Element Stones and even S Relic Recipes. It is recommended to spend the Clan Coin to buy Relic Recipes that can significantly boost your ATK. The Clan Shop will refresh weekly to change the items so look out for the Recipes.

➥ In terms of S and SS Recipes, it is heavily advised to purchase your specific main Ninja’s S or SS Exclusive Relics. They can equip these Exclusive Relics after unlocking Relic Signet (The second Perk).

➥ Certain S and SS Relics can be universally used to get a high damage output, such as Specter Steel Trap and Nioh Gauntlet. Keep in mind some Relics will actually hurt your survivability as a tradeoff for the massive damage increase.

➥ Another option to buy a recipe is from the Craft interface. Go to Relic > Craft to see all the options.

Craft Relics

➥ If you have lots of unused low-ranking Relics, you can sacrifice them to create high-quality Relics. Go to Relic > Craft to see all the options. You can also use the Recipes you bought and craft them here. Here are the materials required to craft a Relic:
3 D-Relics are required to Craft a C-Relic.
3 C-Relics are required to Craft a B-Relic.
4 B-Relics are required to Craft an A-Relic.
✦ 5 A-Relics and 600 Dragon's Blood are required to Craft an S-Relic. Some Relics require certain A-Relics to be used as materials when crafting.
5 S-Relics and 3000 Dragon's Blood are required to craft an SS Relic. Some Relics require certain S-Relics to be used as materials when crafting.

Relics Dismantle

➥ Dismantling your Relic is like selling them for Coins. From the Relic section, you can see the Dismantle option at the bottom right. It is recommended to dismantle D and C Relics if you are short of Coins to upgrade your Ninja.

➥ For B and above, save and combine them to craft higher-tier Relics in the Craft section before.

Choice of Relics

➥ While there are a lot of Relics, there are a few main types you generally see in use: Attack, HP Recovery, Ninjutsu, Score (for Race Mode), and Relic Sets.

Elemental Shurikens are one of the best. They also have a Relic Set bonus, meaning if you have 2+ Relics equipped with the same Relic Set, the set bonus will be activated (check the Relic to see what the set bonus does). The full set of the Shuriken is “Elemental Shuriken” + “Elemental Ring.” Both have to be the same element to get the set bonus.

HP Regen is very useful in most situations, especially in Race Mode where you need lots of health to guarantee your Ninja can tank damages during the long run. Meanwhile for other game modes, it's important to know what enemies you're facing, as you don't want to get one shot because you have too low of HP.

➥ Ninjutsu gauge boosts like Ninjutsu Cheat Sheet and Master Mystique are helpful. If you're trying to take down a powerful Bounty or Clan Boss, choose a weak Ninja as your starting Ninja and give them Ninjutsu Cheat Sheet. Then, let the boss kill the weak Ninja immediately, so you can swap in your main Ninja. They will get the benefits of starting Ninja's Cheat Sheet. This can be stacked with another Cheat Sheet on your main. Main and Sub Weapon cooldowns will be reset. This way, you can have your main start the fight at 100% Ninjutsu. This is called a Ninjutsu Sacrifice.

➥ Prioritize Relics that belong to your Ninja’s Relic Set, anything else should be increasing your damage output.